Domestic Utilities

Despite recent dramatic price increases for basic domestic utilities, most UK homeowners have never switched suppliers. Nowadays, it’s so easy to do, and just by shopping around for your gas and electricity, you could save an average of over £150 per year. Let me review your utility bills and show you how you could save £££s!

Domestic utilities

Save money on gas, electricity and much more... Yes, it can be done, and I’m here to help you – contact me today for an appointment, and just show me your bills!

One of the main reasons domestic customers say they don’t bother to shop around for boring but essential services like gas, electricity, internet and phones is that the market seems so complicated. With more and more suppliers all offering different tariffs and introductory offers, it can be tricky to compare like-for-like.

I’m pleased to say that there is another way – let me introduce you to a unique discount club...

If you haven’t heard of this discount club before, don’t worry! That’s probably because they don’t spend their customers’ money on expensive advertising. Instead, they rely on a much better form of promotion – personal recommendations from satisfied customers.

I’m one of over 375,000 happy customers nationwide, and I’d love to let you in on the secret, so why not give me a call today? 

  • Unbeatable value on gas, electricity, internet, home phones and mobiles
  • Unique price promise – enjoy the UK’s cheapest home phone, home phone and broadband bundle, mobile tariffs and standard gas and electricity rates!
  • It’s easy to switch – I’ll sort it all out for you!
  • One single bill for all your utilities
  • Award-winning customer service

When we meet, I can also tell you about the unique CashBack card – simply use it for all your everyday spending like food shopping, petrol and eating out, and you’ll earn cashback to reduce your utility bills even further.

Contact me today to find out how much you could save! 

To read more about our chosen domestic utility supplier and discount club you can visit their website, 

Want to work with me? Find out more about working with us by clicking through to career opportunity. 

Career opportunity

If you’re looking for a unique and totally flexible part-time or full-time earning opportunity and you’ve got plenty of drive and enthusiasm, then let’s talk! Contact me today to find out more. 

Unlike other suppliers, this company doesn’t advertise on TV or in the press – they simply rely on good old word-of-mouth recommendation. Successful people up and down the country earn great levels of commission by simply promoting these great services to their family, friends and other contacts.

And it’s so easy to sell! After all, you won’t be asking people to spend extra money on things they don’t want – you’ll simply be showing them how to save money on existing services they already need and use every day!

Would you like to become a part of the success story? There are three ways to earn:

  1. Independent Distributor – earn an income from introducing personal customers yourself, and also building your own team of distributors
  2. Community Fundraiser – introduce your supporters and generate a lasting income for your local school, community group, sports club or place of worship
  3. Independent Representative – supplement your existing income or business revenue by simply encouraging your existing contacts, customers and employees to join the discount club and save money

Find out more about all these great earning opportunities – download a factsheet or contact me today

For more information on Network/Multi-Level Marketing and The Power of Duplication, download these other helpful factsheets:

To find out more about the career opportunity available by working with our chosen domestic utility supplier you can visit their website
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